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Publisher Llewellyn Publications,U.S.
Published - Edition -
ISBN 978-0738750712
Format Soft Bound Condition Brand New
Genre Paranormal; Spirituality; Psychology
Location Quezon City
Posted October 21 2017
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The Vivid Journey Tarot is a bright and cheerful deck by Jessica Alaire. 

The Cards
The cards measure 2 3/4" x 4 5/8". The backs are reversible. The cardstock is new for Llewellyn. It's very thin, and shuffles so easily. I really like it. The cards even smell good! They have a sweet, almost fruity-woodsy scent to them, instead of that strong chemical scent you sometimes get with a new deck.

The cards are borderless! Yes! Thank you, Llewellyn! Seriously, I cannot emphasize how thrilled I am that this deck is borderless. It's one of those decks that, if it had borders, and someone cut the borders off, you would say, "Wow! It looks soooo much better without borders!" So I am very, very grateful (almost ecstatically so) to Llewellyn for this brilliant decision.

The suits are somewhat color coded. Yellow runs strongly through the entire deck. The Minors are a mix of yellow, and the suit color. (Wands are red/yellow. Cups are blue/yellow. Swords are purple/yellow. Pentacles are green/purple/yellow). Sometimes the Pentacles cards have more purple in them than green. I would have liked to have seen them more green, so that they would stand out in a reading as obviously as the other suits do.

The artwork is so vibrant and cheerful. But it's not an overly saccharine cheerful. It feels like cartoons for grown-ups. There is a little bit of female nudity in the deck, so whether this is one for the kids will be up to the individual. It's difficult to put into words what feelings the cards evoke. I feel happy just looking at the artwork. It feels comfortable and safe, approachable, simple and calm, yet at the same time, fun and energetic. It just feels good to do a reading with these cards.

There are so many cards that I love in this deck, I could just go through each one oohing and aahing. I absolutely love the wonky angles of the Tower and Moon. In fact, the wonky Tower was one of the first cards I saw from this deck, and that card alone made me want to have this deck. I have a thing for that style of art.

I love the thick-legged women in this deck. It's an aesthetically pleasing change of pace. The Pages are usually some of the most boring cards for me in a deck. But in this deck, they are adorable. I love their puffy outfits. It really makes them endearing to me, rather than feeling boring and static like they usually do. The Hierophant feels more like a nice, friendly, approachable Santa type than the usual scary religious dictator.

The Three of Swords is the card that I am most torn about in this deck. The artist has gone with purple and yellow as the color theme for the Swords suit, and the heart in the Three of Swords is yellow. Yellow! Oddly, I am both fascinated and put off by this. I like the way it looks when I see it, from an artistic point of view, but darnit if I don't just want that heart to be red at my core. It looks wrong, somehow, not being red.

There are some cards where the figures are undefined silhouettes (see the Fool in the top image above, the Five of Wands and Two of Cups below). It adds an interesting element to the deck, since it's only a few of the cards that have this. I especially love the effect of the stark black silhouette against the colorful background in the Fool card!

The Strength card is just gorgeous. I love the hidden, hooded figures in the Magician and Hermit cards. The Death card is fabulous! The Hanged Man feels very zen. Even a card as simple as the Two of Wands really captures my eye in this deck. The lines of the artwork really draw me in. I love the gravity-defying hair of some of the women in the deck, like the one in the Ten of Wands.

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