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Endless Quest Gamebooks

Endless Quest Gamebooks
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Posted January 24 2015
Endless Quest

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The Endless Quest books were two series of gamebooks released by TSR. These books were the result of an Educational department established by TSR to develop curriculum programs for reading, math, history, and problem solving.[1] The first series of 36 books was released from 1982 to 1987, the second series of 13 from 1994 to 1996. These were respectively the first and last gamebooks released by TSR. A short spin-off series of 4 Endless Quest: Crimson Crystal Adventures books were also released during 1985. There were also several series of similar books that did not bear the Endless Quest name.
The mechanics of these books involved simple choices in the style of Choose Your Own Adventure books, rather than the game-like randomized elements of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. However, the stories and characters in an Endless Quest book, while not necessarily more complex than in a Choose Your Own Adventure book, are often more fully developed because the Endless Quest books are much longer. For example, the character referred to as "you" in the text almost always has a name, gender, and backstory. The result is that the books in the Endless Quest series resemble miniature novels with many different endings.

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Below is the list of the books i'm looking for... But CONDITION is EVERYTHING...
Endless Quest gamebooks:
     7. Hero of Washington Square
     9. Robbers and Robots
     12. Light on Quests Mountain
     14. Raid on Nightmare Castle
     15. Under Dragon's Wing
     16. The Dragon's Ransom
     17. Captive Planet
     18. King's Quest
     19. Conan the Undaunted
     20. Conan and the Prophecy
     21. Duel of the Masters
     22. The Endless Catacombs
     23. Blade of the Young Samurai
     24. Trouble on Artule
     25. Conan the Outlaw
     26. Tarzan and the Well of Slaves
     27. Lair of the Lich
     28. Mystery of the Ancients
     29. Tower of Darkness
     30. The Fireseed
     31. Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds
     32. Prisoner of Elderwood
     34. Claw of the Dragon
     35. Vision of Doom
     36. Song of the Dark Druid
     37. Dungeon of Fear
     38. Castle of the Undead
     39. Secret of the Djinn
     40. Siege of the Tower
     41. A Wild Ride
     42. Forest of Darkness
     43. American Knights
     44. Night of the Tiger
     45. Galactic Challenge
     46. Bigby's Curse
     47. The 24-Hour War
     48. The Test
     49. Sands of Deception

* I'm also interested in the following gamebooks series:

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Lone Wolf by John Dever
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